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We are on Patreon!

As we strive to work on our games, we have decided it was time to open up a Patreon.
Our public voice, thooruchan, has opened one and will be managing it as head developer of our projects Charming Monsters and Siklo.
If you want to contribute or simply spread the word, head over to www.patreon.com/thooruchan and see what we are up to!


We have started working on the demo!

  • Story is written, as well as defined the main characters.
  • MC design defined.
  • Art style for sprites defined.
  • Implemented Inventory use.
  • Implemented configuration of menus.
  • Implemented interaction system with environment objects.
  • Implemented button mapping to interaction system.
  • Maps for the demo designed and blocked in for programming
  • Main characters designed.


  • Character portraits (All characters, not only main)
  • Design of maps and dungeons
  • Animations of maps.
  • Define puzzles to move on the already written story
  • Pretty much all of the art, menus, HUD, items, etc
  • We'll update the list of DONE things with that.
  • Music
  • Demo and testing

Siklo is an adventure game in development, using the RPG Maker VX Ace engine.

It tells the story of Aki, a girl from ancient Oceania, as she and her nomadic tribe arrive to a new island for the next seven years of the Island Cycle.

But as she visits the temple of the Goddess to make an offering and pray for good fortune during their seven years stay, something goes awry.

Her father is accused by the Priest of trespassing sacred grounds, and to save his life Aki must accept to become a maiden at the temple and never leave the island again.

A misterious temple, a creepy priest, a missing goddess, spirits, all that and more fill the world of Siklo.

Will Aki be able to break free from the promise she made? Will she find out the misteries of the temple and this island?

Siklo is still in early development, currently we are working on an early prototype, an MVP to ensure that every aspect of the game works as it should. Afterward, we will focus entirely on creating all of the content needed.

We still don't have a release date either, but we hope to have Siklo ready not too far into 2016.

Follow http://siklogame.tumblr.com for updates, news and more development blog stuff.