A downloadable SpiritedWaters for Windows

Spirited Waters is an adventure game made in two weeks for the Adventure Jam 2016 hosted on Gamejolt.

Synopsis: When shy Koyumi goes inside a sunken pirate ship to explore, she finds out more than just some cheap treasure.

The current version is the one presented on Gamejolt, though we plan on releasing a finished version soon enough.

For now, be aware that the art is pretty rough due to time constrictions. However, the game is playable from beginning to end, and we hope you enjoy it and give us feedback on how to make it better in the future!

Install instructions

Download the SpiritedWaters.exe file to your computer and unpack it on a location of your choosing. Once the SpiritedWaters folder is created, go in and double-click the "game" icon with a dragon.



+ Up, Down, Left, Right = Move Koyumi

+ Enter = Inspect an object, talk to a character, select an option

+ Esc = Open menu, cancel an option, leave menu

+ A = Open inventory to select an object to use or give


SpiritedWaters.exe 15 MB

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